Movie On Steve Jobs will Not Be an Exact Biography

Sorkin who is famous for his screenplay in the recently hit movie ‘The Social Network’ which a movie based on the founder of facebook none other than Mark Zucker berg. Sorkin is now planning to make a movie on the life the Very famous Steve Jobs who died last year.

In this movie based on the life of Apple founder Steve Jobs he says that there will be some extra spices added to make it a Hit just like all the Apple.

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Steve Jobs died at the age of 56 years. He was fighting against his pancreatic cancer. The movie is being made remember how important that person was in making the computer structure as Steve Jobs have contributed alot to the technology feild which should never be forgotten.

The movie is still under shooting and will hit the cinemas very soon so till then just wait for it. We will be posting about it as soon as we get more news about it.

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