iOS Devices Will Not Use Google Maps API Anymore

Apple has finally moved over the Google Maps API by simply restricting the use of the Google Maps API in its iOS devices.

Apple recently announced the iOS6 version for the Apple products which will not use the Google Maps API and instead still provide good maps and location navigation.

Google Ads:

No Google maps API in iOS

On this account google also made a move by lowering down the prices for using google maps as about 88% of price cut can be seen for the high traffic websites which also use google naps for location navigation.


Google maps API are used by many website to navigate their locations or to tell people about their location or even update their location through google maps and now it seems that the website can now avail these services for a cheaper price.

The price of the Google maps API is now as low as $4 per 1000 maps load to even 50 cents per 1000 map loads.

iOS6 Maps


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