Apple iPhone 5 will Arrive in June This Year


According to the sources iPhone 5 may be available by June this year. An important news about iPhone 5 is that it will come with a bigger screen which could be near about 4inches.

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When we compare iPhone with the other smart phones in the marketwe see that rest of the bestselling smart phones which are based on Android OS like Samsung Galaxy S2 which has a “4.2” inch screen or the Motorola Razr which has  “4.3” inch screen.these all phones are liked by the people and the main reason for the liking these phones is their large display which gives clarity and a greater viewing experience.

Rumors also say that iPhone 5 may also have a different design , teardrop design can be the new design of iPhone. People are curiously waiting for the next iPhone and we know that with iPhone comes something new so this generates some more curiosity.

Mobile World Congress is going to be held in February next year in Barcelona. Most probably Apple is definitely going to make some announcement in this fest. We all can just wait for the announcement.

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