Apple iOS6 is Now Available to the developers For Download

The much talked about about Apple iOS 6 is now available for the developers. Apple recently launched the updated version of the iOS6 which is the beta version.

Further in the coming time period it can be seen that more versions of the iOS 6 can be released for the developers.

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The iOS6 update is available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S via OTA update. The update is sized of about 299 MB for the iPhone 4S and about 322 MB. You can update the your iOS6 from the software update option but before you update your software you should make sure that your device is not a jailbreak device. You can also update your iOS from the iTunes itself.

Apple says that the new iOS6 install about 200 new features to the existing iOS5. But most of them are just the improvement over the previous features like FaceTime which is an video chating application for both iPhone and iPad, is now improved to work better on 3G and also provide better video calling. Other new applications include the the new maps and Apple’s wallet service.

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