Apple iOS 6 Going To Be Available Soon

apple has now announced its latest iOS updated version that is iOS 6. Apple says that with this new iOS6 version it will take your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to new directions as many new features are added to the new iOS. Here are some of the major new features which are added to the new iOS 6.

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IOS6 comes with new and updated maps which give you your better location and also better navigation of the places around you. You even get a real time traffic updates which you can either view or you can listen to them.

Improved Siri: The Siri in the new iOS6 is now improved and even more interactive with you as it can now tell latest movies reviews and also its show timings. You can now also ask about the restaurants from Siri.

Brilliant Facebook Integration: Facebook is the most popular social networking website and now it has   become very easier to post your photos or sharing your location from the maps itself.  Every feature of the facebook is now accessible through the iOS6 and that also in a very cool manner. Facebook fans should definitely get the new iOS6.

Introducing Passbook: Apple is now introducing passbook with its iOS6. Passbook is an applications which allows you to go to your movie, reminds about the flight and redeeming coupons many other things you get in one place.

A better browsing experience is provided to the users of the iOS6 with Safari and now Safari can even save the web pages. Also the web pages visited by you are stored within the iCloud and hense you can now access any of your browsed website from anywhere with the help of the iCloud.


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