Top Applications For Android That You Must Download

Here are ten applications for your android smart phone which you must download to have a better experience of your android smart phone.


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Sygic :It is an GPS Navigation application which is voice guided. It is one of the best navigation application which include beautiful maps across all countries and also has some additional features like updating speed limits. If you are going for a road trip then it is best that you download this application for any assistance required on the way.

SMS Book: This application allows you to share SMS with you friends on whatever topic you want to. It serves a variety of fresh SMS which you would definitely like to share with your friends.

watsapp for android

Whatsapp: This is an chat messenger which now become very popular. It allows you to send messages and things with your friends which are there in your contact list but the condition is that your friend must also has Whatsapp installed in his phone. This application is also made for iPhone and Blackberry which means you can definitely share pictures, videos and also send voice messages to your friends.

DropBox : This application allows you to drop down your notes which you make in your daily life. What every you want to store or write you can simply drop it to the dropbox.

EverNote: The ever note is the note making cloud application which lets you to make make notes and then access the notes from where ever you want to. The best part is that you can make notes on your mobile and also access them further from your PC.

free calls via viber

Viber : Viber is a free application which allows you to make free calls to all your viber contacts. The application automatically syncs the contacts from your contact book and then send request and send sms to your viber contacts for free.

Instagram : Instagram is a free application which is now owned by Facebook. Instagram helps you to add effects to your photos and then directly share it to your twitter or facebook account profile.

scan life app for android

Scan Life :This wonderful application allows you to check the price of any product by simply scanning the barcode of the product and searching for it over the internet. 

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