Samsung Going To Launch its Thinnest Tablet Ever

Recently Samsung announced that it is going to launch its most thinnest and sleek version of tablet which is Galaxy Tab730. Galaxy Tab 730 is one the compact Tablets which are made as its thickness is just 8.6 mm and also it weighs 465 grams which simply shows that how light weight is the new Galaxy Tab730.

The market today is all about selling smart phones and Tablets and the Market leader today is Samsung which has produced a variety of smart phones and tablets in the recent times and still launching.

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Talking about the Galaxy Tab 730 ‘s configuration then it comes with a 16 GB memory and has 8.9 inch screen and not to forget that it comes with the latest version of Android that is Android 3.1 (honeycomb) which is quite good and better than the previous versions.

Samsung’s marketing executive said while launching that India is one the growing countries where they found a huge market and by the launch the new Tab , Samsung is able to provide variety to the users in terms of screen or the looks. However Samsung will continue to launch the new range of smart phones and Tablets in the coming months also.


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