Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Doesn’t Has Space For Its S-Pen


With the launch of Samsung galaxy Note , Samsung Galaxy Note Samsung also launched its new and modern type of stylus. But now with the advance Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 you will miss the space for its advanced stylus S-Pen.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

However in the previous version of Samsung Galaxy Note, the S-Pen remained with the device itself and so there were less chances of getting lost but now we face a problem of losing our S-Pen.

Earlier there was news that Samsung has re-structured its Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 to make a space for its S-Pen but however there is no confirmation of this news.

      Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Note 10.1 features an quad-core processor which is extremely fast and responsive towards our commands.

The exact date of releasing Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is not told yet but we will keep posting to tell you about it.



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