Motorola Phones Faces Ban In German Because of Microsoft Patent

Motorola is now being sued by Microsoft for violating its patent for the user interface of the Android devices. The court has further ordered to check all the Motorola devices for any violation of any other patent by Microsoft.

Microsoft Motorola Patent ware

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Microsoft has patent its text messaging user interface and style which is almost similar to some of the Motorola android Phones so in that case Motorola is in big trouble now. Now some modifications has to be taken change the interface little bit so as avoid further dispute of Microsoft with Motorola.

Microsoft has also sued some other companies for the violation of its patents and the result of it comes out that most of the Android devices which are sold today in US have a license for the patent issued by the Microsoft.

In the nutshell both the companies are fighting with each other but at the same time Google subsidiary will move to license Microsoft patent technology.

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