Microsoft Windows Phone Vs Android: Android has a larger Market

Windows Phone have been launched a long time back but still the Windows phones are not that popular as any other phone like Android which grew up very fast and has now become a popular smart phone among the masses. Android is a free OS which provides its manufacturers to do whatever they want to. There are hardly any limitations by Google on the manufacturers on which specifications should be used and on the other hand Microsoft tells its users that which specifications and configurations are to be used for the phone to make a perfect windows phone. Android and Windows Phone are two different platforms of smart phones with different user interface and also different features and not to forget by different companies.

windows7 phone vs android

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Android doesn’t interfere much in the marketing of the vendors and provide with them the freedom which they want make the product in their own way whereas Microsoft doesn’t allows this. We see that from the past year the sales of Android are just growing and has reached to about fifty percent in the world market whereas Windows Phone hardly has a market of about 1.5 or 2%.

Android users are also prvided with many choices which in the case of Window 7 is not the same as very limited number of Window 7 phones are produced till yet. Recently Nokia is going to launch its new Phone Lumia 800 which is a Window 7 phone which is expected to give a tough competition to the other smart phones in the market. It would be interesting to see how the new range of Windows 7 phone affect the sales of Android.

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