Google has Now Stopped the Selling Of the Nexus Phone

Google has now stopped the selling of all its Google Nexus smart phone. All the customers can not buy this device till the time it is re-launched with the latest Android Version Android 4.1 that is Jelly Beans.


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After a few time, the selling of the phone will be started again with the updated Android 4.1. Google Nexus is that device which is most affected by the legal issues of Apple and Google and other Google Vendors. Also the primary target of Apple is Samsung as Samsung has profited the most from the Android by google.

Samsung goole Nexus

Now if go and buy the google Nexus , then there will be an option that it is coming soon instead of buy. Which means that the customers have to wait a little to buy the Nexus device.  However it is also better for the customers to wait since new version of Android that is Jelly Beans Have been Launched and all the Android users are crazy about getting the new version of Android so now it is better for users.


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