Amazon Kindle Fire Loses Market on Arrival of Google Nexus 7’’ Tablet

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is good Android Tablet by Amazon but the sales of the Kindle Fire are affected by a huge hit by the Google Nexus 7’’ Tablet.

Since Amazon Kindle fire and Google Nexus Tablet are being sold at the same price, this is the reason for the loss of Kindle Fire as Google is providing better features in its Tablet in the same price range.

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Google Nexus Tablet has more powerful processor and hardware that is a quad-core-processor which can run any application on the device. At the same time Kindle Fire has a lighter processor.

Google Nexus 7’’ is built with the latest version of Android that Android 4.1 which is also known as Jelly Bean whereas Kindle Fire has an older version of Android. Google Nexus 7’’ offers more applications, games and magazines to its users. Google Nexus 7’’ is especially designed for gaming.

Now, Kindle Fire can’t stand up against Google Nexus Tablet. Amazon must make many amendments in the Kindle Fire if the company still wants to sell the product in the market.

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