Orange To Launch First Intel Phone In UK San Diego

Orange’s San Diego is going to the first mobile which uses the Intel chips and hense is now the first Intel phone in UK. It might not be a excellent made phone but definitely phone features some good specifications which are good and can become quite popular among mid range smart phone users.

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The phone has a good camera of about 8 MP which capable of including even 10 frames in a second. The phone also has a powerful battery which gives a long battery backup to the phone. The display size of the phone is about 4 inches and the unfortunately the phone runs on Android 2.3 which is the older version of Android.



The phone is set to release on June 6th with the price of about ?200 which is quite lower than the cost of the iPhone or other the big phones like Samsung Galaxy S3. Intel’s entry to the market is like an entry competition for the ARM or NVIDIA processor manufacturers who are currently manufacturing many processors for the mobiles. However Intel also launched a phone with Atom Processor earlier Lava Xolo X900, which didn’t gained much of the popularity but however the this time it is expected to receive a better response.

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