Comparison Between Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC One X

Here is the comparison between the two latest phones which are released very recently. One is based on the Windows platform by nokia and the other is based on Android by HTC. Microsoft has high hopes from Nokia Lumia 900. Here are the key comparisons between both the phones.

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Features              HTC One X                           Lumia 900

Display                 4.7’’ capacitive                  4.3’’ AMOLED

OS                           Android 4.0.3                     windows7.5

Processor            1.5 GHz QuadCore           1.4 GHz Scorpion

Camera                 8 Megapixel                       8 Megapixel

RAM                      1 GB                                       512 MB

Storage                 micro SD                              16 GB on board

Manufacturer       HTC                                        Nokia

Hotspot                  portable hotspot              Nil

Overall both the phones are quite brilliant as both the phones have a smart hardware and both have quite clear camera quality.

However screen size of the HTC One X is larger than the screen size of the Lumia 900. The Android fans will definitely go for the HTC One X but if you are now bored of Android then you may give a try to Lumia 900 which is also a brilliant phone by the Nokia Microsoft combo.

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