Why Apple Should Stop Its War Against Jailbreak ?

Last week we reported that Apple applied for a patent which designed to specify the jailbrking and/or unlocking devices or removal of SIM card from a phone so the device will be disabled. Apple has also released a new iOS which only for patching the jailbreak hole, but the Dev-Team fired this back announcing that they will be able to disable the new patent.

I think Apple should stop wasting these big efforts in this war, Apple should ask,Why iDevices users interested in jailbreak? , the answer is that the jailbreak allow them to access to a growing number of apps which not supported by the App Store, specially (tethering and pron apps), but simply, just like tethering apps can be controlled by mitigating the tethering usage be AT&T or whatever the carrier is, with a metered data plans, also, when it comes to porn and anything else users could access, Apple can simply say “We don’t support that garbage” maintain its policy that jailbreaking automatically void warranties.

Last reason of why Apple should stop its war against jailbreak is the revenues from the App Store which like a drop in the bucket compared to Apple’s overall bottom line.which means that jailbreak (Cydia) will not affect Apple revenues.
Finally, after discussing these major items, I think it is quite logical that Apple shall stop the war against jailbreak. [via jkontherun]

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