White iPhone 4 Spotted, Owner Explains Why You Cant Have One

If you’ve been waiting for a white iPhone 4, you’ll wait more. Today’s reports from Pocket-lint shows a real white iPhone 4 spotted in New York. They spotted a reporter at a recent press event using his white iPhone 4. They went near to him and they asked about the way he got it, he answered that a friend of his at Apple HQ hooked him up with the device. Then, they asked him about the reason of delay.

Well, according to our jacket wearing gent, Apple is having trouble getting its two suppliers in the Far East to match the white used in the manufacturing of the parts. The white home button colour doesn’t match the white front face plate colour, it turns out.

There have been a lot of reasons floating on the web as color issues and light leak. In my opinion, I don’t think that this home button would take much. Well, I don’t think that Apple would delay a device for months because of matching the color of a button. What do you think?

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