Wearable Camcorder : Panasonic HX A 500

Wearable gadgets are the in thing in the market. Now days, every company is trying to lure its customers by introducing stylish as well as useful wearable gadgets in the market. This has led to a tug of war between the big giants of the market and as a result, we are able to see a wearable version of almost every gadget. Panasonic has also joined this list by recently introducing Panasonic HX A 500 wearable camcorder. Let us try to find more about it.

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Most of the Smartphone in the market have on or around 16 megapixel cameras in them. It is  essential to have a better camera, for a clearer resolution of the picture and video.  Panasonic HX A 500 wearable camcorder could be good substitute for them due to its cool and trendy features. This new camcorder allows the user to telecast their underwater adventures LIVE for as long as 30 minutes. It is the best action camera, which has all the features and applications to capture all kinds of shoots without any tilt or blur.

Panasonic wearable camcorder

Panasonic HX A 500 wearable camcorder has two parts as its components. This device has one head mount part of 31g and it can be worn in any part of the body or can be fixed to any places to focus. The main body can be kept in the pocket or in the bag. The head mount will have the camera with a microphone. This unit is connected to the main body of 119g which has the LCD display to monitor the video shoot. The 4K video recording at 3820X2160 with a frame rate of 30/25 fps makes it the new generation video camcorder. The option in the 1080fb at 60/50 etc will surely make capturing of the slow moving pictures easy.

Panasonic HX A 500

Panasonic HX A 500

It has the HD full screen display and the unit is made up of water proof and dust proof material. This can handle 30 minutes of shooting at the depth of 10 feet in water. It has the connectivity to online for live streaming using wi -fi and NFC which is a really useful feature for quick and instant sharing of the captured pictures and videos.

Panasonic HX A 500 wearable camcorder is the top quality camcorder and works well really smoothly. The tilt correction, image stabilization and image processing are supported by the crystal engine pro +. This camcorder has some really great features which are sure to give tough competition to the GO pro, which at present, is one of the best camcorder available in the market.

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