Warning:Jailbreak Fake List

In the last few days we heard about many new FAKE jailbreak tools, but I think this is normal cause they came parallel with the real new iPhone 4 / 3GS Jailbreak, which will be released very soon, so I made this post as a register of the FAKE jailbreaks, this post will be always updated with these fakes.
1-Sedna Jailbreak:
A lot of people talked about it, but Chpwn sent a tweet saying that the Sedna jailbreak is completely FAKE.

Chpwn said:I don’t know anything about “Sedna” except it is completely fake…

I think this is not an apropriated name of a tool, so Sherif Hashif (dev team member) sent a tweet saying this is completely FAKE.

Sherif_Hashim said: I can’t believe that ppl are really asking about the credibility of something called -shitra1n-, come on, the name says it FAKE-FAKE-FAKE

Google Ads:

Note: You should ensure the source of any tool before trying in your iDevice.

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