TweetDeck for Android going Beta Later This Week

TweetDeck has announced in a new blog post that they are going to run a Beta Test of an Android app, This app focus on true multi-stream. Dodsworth (TweetDeck Founder) said that TweetDeck’s Android app represents the future of its iPad and iPhone options, here’s an important part of blog post,

To get straight to the point, we’re nearing completion of Android TweetDeck and we’ve really been pushing the limits of what Android can do. Hence we will be opening up a public beta testing period this week for some serious device testing. But before all that happens I wanted to briefly explain what Android TweetDeck means to us because it’s more than just TweetDeck on Android.

We will keep updated whenever the beta test is available for download or any changes happen! so Stay Tuned.
[via TweetDeck]

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