Some Developers are already Testing iOS 4.2 Beta for iPad?

Steve Jobs pointed to iOS 4.2 for iPad in November during his musical event. A few days ago Epic games updated their Epic Citadel with an interesting changelog including something we didn’t expect. This game which is now available for everyone to download says “Fixed performance issues on iPad devices running iOS 4 or later” in it’s changelog.

As usual, developers who have signed up to Apple’s iOS Developer Center can get early access to the upcoming iOS releases in order to allow them build applications to be available when the iOS goes public. iOS 4.2 beta is not available for developers yet but it seems like Apple have rolled out iPad 4.2 to few selected developers only. So at last we can say, iOS 4.2 for iPad release seems imminent.

[Thanks for all who sent this in, via GadgetsDNA]

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