Replace iTunes 10 Blue Icon With 10 Beautiful Icons

After releasing the iTunes 10 in the last Apple Special Event, with its new undesirable icon, it had widespread objection by most of users. In an earlier post I showed you how to change your iTunes 10 blue icon with old iTunes icon. but today I collected the best 10 replacement icons for the iTunes 10. Let’s check!
-Download Toffenut’s iTunes 10 replacement icon, [via toffeenutdesign]

-Download Chris Carlozzi’s iTunes 10 replacement icon 1, [via dribbble]

-Download Chris Carlozzi’s iTunes replacement icon 2, [via dribbble]

-Download TMNT iTunes 10 Replacement, [via dribbble]

-Download MattiasEkstrom’s iTunes 10 revised, [via divantart]

-Download Javier Ocasio’s iTunes X Replacement, [via dribbble]

-Download Dan Wiersema’s iTunes 10 icon, [via dribbble]

-Download Nobtaka’s iTunes 10 icon, [via dribbble]

-Download Andrew Ramos’ New iTunes Icon, [via andrewarmos]

-Download David Lanham’s Flurry iTunes, [via dlanham]

You have to check out, how to change iTunes 10 icon here, then you only have to replace any icon above with the iTunes 10 icon, you have to do this in “Step 4”.
[via macstories]

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