PS Jailbreak USB ModChip Cloned Already Cheaper? Buy Original for Support & Warranty

We already reported you about PS Jailbreak ModChip that enables you to hack / mod Play Station 3 by creating backup of the original games on the internal or external drive connected to the PS3. PS Jailbreak was priced “$169” but this new “x3Jaibreak” is a clone of PS Jailbreak and it costs less “$20-$30” than the original one.

If that’s true, and the code of original PS Jailbreak USB goes public, then there’s a high possibility that anyone can create their own custom ModChips for free. The original creators of PS Jailbreak warns people from buying that cloned USB Modchips floating around in the next days,

Beware of imitators and Chinese knock-offs, PS Jailbreak is the original solution, Buy original for warranty and support

[via Redmondpie, MaxConsole]

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