New Google Goggles Searching the Images [VIDEO]

The next generation search is in our hands, the new “Google Goggles” app which is a great creation by google and this may also boosts the google searches to an extent. What is this new Google Googles do is to recognize the pictures we take around us starting from monuments, books, buildings to cars and more! it can also scan that picture and give you the web results of that one you have taken.

Another good thing about Google Goggles that it also recognizes voice search. This great Goggle search is very interesting and useful, if you are not aware of anything just take the picture of that thing and it will show you the relevant search result for that object.

Google experimented “Google Goggles” and here is the video of that Experiment:

Google Ads:

You can download this App for Android or iPhone from the link given below directly:

Download Google Googles for iPhone / Android

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