Three must Have Mobile Apps for Your Smartphone

Smart phones occupies an important place in our lives since a couple of decades. Cell phones have also undergone a radical phase of change and development and we now have smart phones at our disposal at quite affordable prices. Smart phones come in various forms; android phones and Black Berry to name a few. Applications, commonly known as mobile apps are features that have given simple mobile phones the tag of smart phones. Smart phones are mobile phones that enable apps to function within their system. With the rising demand of smart phones the demand for apps for smart phones has also risen. These apps have been designed keeping in mind the various needs of man. These apps are mainly aimed towards making life fast and easy. Here are some of the must have apps that people should have on their smart phones.

 Three must-haves mobile apps for your smart phone

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 Locale is one of the most amazing mobile apps that helps you keep your mind relaxed. How? As the name suggests it automatically judges the location of the place where you happen to be makes changes in your phones accordingly. Sounds magical, isn’t it? It must have happened that you felt embarrassed when your ring tone went off in the middle of a meeting at office or you missed some important call from office when you were at home. Locale is an app that brings your phone to silent mode when you reach office. It can also bring your ringer to a higher volume when you are at home. This app is available free of cost online.

locale mobile app

mobile apps – locale

Bump is another fun-filled mobile app which helps you exchange contact information and pictures between two phones simply by bumping one against the other. This is an app that saves you the pain of accumulating paper business cards and punching and saving information of new contacts.

bump mobile app

mobile apps – bump

One of the most helpful mobile apps is Cab4Me. You must have got a hint of what it does. Yes, it helps you get a cab just by using your current location. It works with the help of a single tap. There is a quick mode that helps you select a company and then order a cab. You can provide the number of passengers you need to travel with. You can also provide the pick-up time and place. This helps you reach places on time without much effort. Using these apps makes life easy and comfortable.

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