Mac OS X 10.7 Lion have some new User interface Elements to Show.

In the Last week’s media event “Back to the Mac”, Steve Job demoed the new OS for Mac i.e Mac OS X 10.7. All the new features were discussed in that event. This new OS is said to be released in 2011. Main features that were discussed in this events were Full screen Apps, LaunchPad, Mac App Store.

Readers at that event have noticed some other user interfaces which will also come with this OS.

One rumor about that event indicating that there will be iOS inspired scroll bars. This means that there’s no need to mouse movement for the appearance and the disappearance of the scroll bar when it is in use or not.

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Another rumor was that in this OS, user will be allowed to re-size their windows from any corner an adjust it according to their use, in the paste windows was only re sized from bottom right corner. Two more feature that’s discussed in the event is the “Auto save” & “Apps resume when launched”, this new features make the dock look more better which means that dock will not indicate the launched app using that characteristic light (notification light) but it will show a typical light indicator under that app which is launched before.

but in the new version:

So these were some extra features that was caught by readers and as we will get some more news about this new OS we will surely inform you. [via MacRumors]

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