Limera1n Can Technically Jailbreak the Apple TV

If you are one of our reader, then you should knew that SHAtter exploit can jailbreak Apple TV and it was demoed in a video but with the launch of Limera1n yesterday, SHAtter exploit has been saved for 5th-generation device so users of Apple TV was complaining about that as they need a jailbreak for their new Apple TV.

We noticed that Geohot has updated Limera1n site adding a new sentence indicating that Limera1n can jailbreak Apple TV too:

AppleTV is technically supported, but theres no apps yet

The jailbreak can be done by putting your Apple TV into DFU mode by following the steps posted here and using Limera1n jailbreak guide but what’s the point? You can’t install app without having OpenSHSH service on your device so some hackers should work on installing OpenSHSH and running apps on it, we’ll let you know when the jailbreak is updated to install OpenSSH.

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