Jailbreak for iPhone 4 / 3GS on iOS 4 and iPad 3.2.1 Delayed

Well, this post wasn’t important but I think most of you thought that Semi-Spirit Jailbreak for iPhone 4 would be out at the end of this week? nope, you may need to read this post. I will talk about two points, the first is that the Jailbreak is delayed due to some issues in FaceTime and Multitasking, Second point is that most of you think it’s “Spirit” but due to some sources, It’s Not!

Delayed, due to MuscleNerd tweets

Not to make it a daily thing, but since somehow people thought it would be today: the new JB+unlock won’t be out today

(there are issues with important apps like Facetime that need to be figured out…no sense releasing a half-broken JB)

Google Ads:

Well, the second point is that it’s not Called Spirit as MuscleNerd replied to someone who asking something mentioning “Spirit” and MuscleNerd told him I said it’s upcoming comex jailbreak not Spirit, Also Ultrasn0w unlock will be available whenever the Jailbreak is out as the unlock is Ready! So Stay Tuned for covering the event whenever the download is available.

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