iWatch is Scheduled to be Launched Next Week on September 1st?

Leaving reports about next generation iPod Touch with a square shape, access to 3G cellular networks and Apple’s iTV that will change everything! Let’s talk about something new, 9to5mac is reporting that iWatch may be introduced by Apple at the next Apple’s event on Wednesday (September 1st). It is pretty much going to be screen, battery, System on Chip and some way to charge it.

In my opinion, if Apple will introduces iWatch next week, it will kill the iPod. In brief, Why people should buy a heavy iPod and put it somewhere in pockets to listen for music while running or studying Although iWatch may do this, in addition to a clock, handy worn, and lighter. All what I can say, Let’s wait!
Update 1: You can check the full summary of the Apple Special Event here.

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