iPhone 4 Unlock will be Released after Small Period

Comex has released his userland jailbreak JailbreakME 2.0 two hours ago, and people was still complaining about unlocking iPhone 4 as we told you that the Unlock is ready before the jailbreak. Now, MuscleNerd has tweeted that iPhone 4 Carrier Unlock will be pushed to Cydia in a small period.

iPhone4 carrier unlock will be pushed after small test period (only @planetbeing and I have been able to test til now!)

This doesn’t mean that it will be pushed today, may be tomorrow! Just Stay tuned with me on Twitter or on Facebook and I will post unlock guide to Unlock iPhone 4

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Update 1: Planetbeing tweeted that the unlock for iPhone 4 will be Coming in the next 48 hours,

We will be releasing the unlock in 48 hours (after we conduct a private beta).

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