iPhone 4 Signal Drops When Being Held in Hand?

An Issue which was discovered in iPhone 3G by 2008 when it was released, A Drop and Decline happens in Signal when you Hold your iPhone 4 in your hands, I didn’t get my iPhone 4 yet but a pretty reports and videos spread on the web showing this first iPhone 4 Issue but it seems Bad..

TUAW is reporting:

In fact, this reception conniption was predicted on Fox’s Gadgets and Games two weeks ago: “Having been in the cellular business most of my career, I think it’s really odd that you’d want an antenna grounded by a moist hand.” Check out the video; it’s about 24 minutes in when MAKE magazine’s Dave Mathews calls it.

I know that you are not happy, but we Hope Apple fixes this bad issue soon, Watch this video showing this issue in action:

Google Ads:

Also Watch this video showing this issue when was discovered in 2008 on iPhone 3G:

Hope you report us If you got an iPhone 4 and got this issue on it, I would like to know if this true or not?

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