iOS 4 for iPad wont happen until November

According to AppleInsider which reported that iPad users won’t get iOS 4 till November, For people who wishing iOS 4 and it’s great freatures on iPad must wait till November. At least there will be iOS 4 for iPad.

Here’s the important part from the report:

Apple is doing “all the technical production of iAds, and telling agencies it will take six to eight weeks to produce an ad after the creative is produced,” the report stated.

The July 1 opening of iAd is a date selected by Apple, and “doesn’t necessarily coincide with the objectives of the marketers themselves,” the report said. Getting ad placements on iPad, “the device considered most promising for advertisers,” won’t happen until November.

Google Ads:

iOS 4 was launched this month for iPhone and iPod Touch owners on June 21st and it brings a lot of awesome features including the most popular feature “Multitasking”.

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