iOS 4.3 Brings Find My Friends Feature

New amazing feature appears into the newly released iOS 4.3 beta 1, Macrumors has found a new features called “Find My Friends” , the founded strings are associated with the Setting app and is related to “MobileMe”. But what will the feature do for me?

This feature will offer a location-based friend-finding service like Loopt and Google Latitued.

Services like Loopt allow you to find your friends who near you at any given time by leveraging your mobile phone’s GPS signal. The constant updates can broadcast your location to your friends to know who is nearby. Obviously, these sort of systems are opt-in only, but shows what Apple maybe up to in fleshing out their MobileMe service. Steve Jobs wrote in an email in December that the MobileMe service will get “a lot better in 2011”.

Obviously, this will not be the last Apple surprise on iOS 4.3, so expect more. Stay tuned.

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