How to: Download a PDF File on your iPad Using GoodReader

Have you ever wondered how to save or download a PDF file on your iPad, the guide is easy, it’s all about an App called “GoodReader” which helps you to save PDF files and preview it, hit the jump for Step by Step guide..

Step 1: Download and Install GoodReader App for iPad (download links at the end of the page)
Step 2: Open the required PDF file on Safari browser on your iPad
Step 3: Tap and then hold the Address Bar in Safari, touch on “Select All” Then tap on “Copy”
Step 4: Go Back to the Home Button and Open “GoogleReader” app which you have downloaded and installed in step one.
Step 5: Touch on “Web Downloads” then “Enter URL”, Now paste the URL you copied and Tap Ok.

Download GoodReader for iPad [Purchase for 0.99$]

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