How to: Downgrade iTunes 10 to iTunes 9.2.1 [Mac – Windows]

It was just two days ago when Steve Jobs announced iTunes 10 introducing Ping social networking feature and it was live after the event by some hours. But, many users are now reporting crashes (due to incompatibility with multiple Cydia apps), after updating to iTunes 10 on their Jailbroken iPhone 4. So here’s a step by step guide to downgrade iTunes 10 to iTunes 9.2.1

Downgrading iTunes 10 on Mac
Step 1: Delete the following files:

  • The iTunes application in /Applications
  • which is located in ~/Library/Preferences (this is the library folder inside your user folder)
  • iTunes.pkg which is located in /Library/Receipts (this is the library folder at the root level of your startup drive)
  • iTunesX.pkg which is located in /Library/Receipts

Step 2: Give your Mac a reboot, Download iTunes 9.2.1 and install it.
Step 3: At last, you may need to re-create iTunes library and playlist (helpful guide)

Downgrading iTunes 10 on Windows
Step 1: Navigate to C:My DocumentsMy Music. Copy the entire iTunes folder and save it on your Desktop as back up.
Step 2: Open the Control Panel -> Uninstall Programs and uninstall the following applications:

  • iTunes 9.1
  • Apple Mobile Device Support
  • Apple Application Support
  • Apple Software Update
  • QuickTime
  • iPhone Configuration

Step 3: Reboot your computer then navigate to C:My DocumentsMy MusiciTunes and rename the iTunes Library.itl to Library.itl.backup
Step 4: n the same folder, open “Previous iTunes Libraries” and find the most recent library backup, which should be named something like “iTunes Library 2010-09-1.itl”
Step 5: Copy this file, then paste it in C:My DocumentsMy MusiciTunes and rename it iTunes Library.itl
Step 6: Download iTunes 9.2.1 for Windows and install it
Step 7: At last, you may need to re-create iTunes library and playlist (helpful guide)

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