How to: Crack any Appstore App

Wondered How to Crack any Appstore App, Here’s a guide for How to: Crack any Appstore App.

SSH client Putty
SSH client WinSCP
DCrypt modified version of XCrack by Floydianslip

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Step 1: Jailbreak your Device, Step-by-Step guide from Here.
Step 2: Install all these items from Cydia (use the Search button)

Erica Utilities
GNU Debugger
iPhone 2.0 Toolchain
Link Identity Editor
UUID Generator

Step 3: SSH you device using WinSCP
Step 4: Copy DCrypt to “/private/var/root”
Step 5: Set permissions to 775
Step 6: Type in “cd /private/var/root”
Step 7: Type in “./ DCrypt appname (ex: ./DCrypt tictactouch)”
Step 8: Wait for script to finish then retrieve cracked .ipa from /private/var/root/Documents/Decrypted/ (I use WinSCP for copying the .ipa to comp)

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