Heavy Criticism For Android By Joe Hewitt [Report]

We have spoken several times about Joe Hewitt, the developer who created the Facebook application for iOS. The developer has recently criticized the system of approving app adopted by Apple, calling it “too restrictive”. His complaints, however focus now on Google and its operating system Android, which decided to bet on for some time.

Development tools are horrible and the operating system is repugnant. If the IDE for Android was for only 10% similar to Xcode 4 I’d be happy.

According to the developer, the lack of control over the applications downloaded through the Android Market is the only point in favor of such a platform. Hewitt also compares the creation of Google to Windows, even criticizing the chosen language for programming software:

More work with Android, the more it reminds me of Windows. It is very flexible, agnostic and designed with developers in mind but it is really inconsistent in terms of user interface.

Google Ads:

Google would not solve the problems of fragmentation and the use of Java for building an application seems not to be appreciated by the developers.

The Droid X is not a good phone. Keep your balance on your iPhone.

They could not finally miss the insults known AMOLED display, again this is according to the developer, “suck”. Finally to you the word.
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