Have You Ever Thought Why Cydia is Called Cydia?

Anyone with a jailbroken device has Cydia on their devices and most of you know that Jay Freeman (a.k.a. saurik) is the one behind Cydia but have you ever though why Cydia is called Cydia? What does this word mean?

Cydia is actually named after a moth. The Cydia pomonella is the scientific name for the “coddling moth,” or what is more commonly known as the stereotypical Apple worm.

This Wikipedia article claims that the Cydia pomonella has proved to be a problematic pest on several fruit trees, including apples and pears. The caterpillars burrow into the fruit, rendering it un-sellable. Cydia has become very popular for the iOS world as almost every iOS device uses the term jailbreak and install Cydia.

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So, Cydia is named after a moth that’s a pest for fruit trees as those of Apple trees. Yeah, that’s the real mystery behind Cydia and if anyone says Cydia a different way, you are free to correct them. [via iDB]

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