GV Mobile+ For Google Voice Hits the App Store [Update 1x]

Finally GV Moble+ app for Google voice hits the App store. Now If you live in the USA and therefore have access to Google Voice, grab a copy of GV Mobile + for $2.99 but there will be one free night (Kovacs will announce when that night occurs and we’ll be sure to post on that when the time comes) and celebrate the return of arguably the best Google Voice app for the iPhone.

So What are you waiting for? We have direct link to the iTunes app listing. If the link doesn’t work for you, it’s because it has just hit the App Store servers and is being propagated throughout the world. Just try and try.

Update 1: GV Mobile+ ha been updated to version 1.03, here is the changelog:

  • History parser fixed
  • Voicemail speaker button revised
  • Grayed out the * and # digits
  • Multiple Sign-In support
  • 5 and 6 tones were the same – fixed
  • SMS contact look-up goofed when entering in a number
  • Call Screening and Presentation revised
  • Open To Tab fixed
  • Data Sync fixed
  • SMS character counter
  • SMS text disappearing when typing fixed
  • Copy menu for the Keypad showed up when nothing was there to copy
  • Tones are fixed
  • URL handlers tweaked
  • Non-alpha numeric username login fixed
  • Refresh individual SMS messages in Reply view
  • Take Calls From is now Call Method
  • Removed Offline dialing section and moved into Call Method
  • iPod music will still play when opening the app (will pause and resume on VM playback)
  • Bluetooth headset support for VM playback (when speaker off)
  • Clears number dialed after making a call
  • Pull to refresh
  • New calling method, plus simplified older methods (no more entering in “Phone to Ring”)
  • GV Credit Balance
  • Contacts/Groups fixed

Download GV Mobile + [iTunes Link]

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