GeoHot has Another Untethered Exploit for Future Jailbreak of 5th Generation Devices

You may be wondering why did GeoHot used comex’s exploit to make his popular tool Limera1n untethered. Well, comex, has answered this question! The real answer is that GeoHot used comex’s exploit not because he don’t have untethered exploit but because he don’t want to waste another bootrom exploit. That indicates that this exploit will be used to make SHAtter untethered exploit.

comex: @esemede he would have implemented his own untether, but that would be wasting an exploit

MuscleNerd: (translating that retweet of @comex: geohot has an iboot-level untethered exploit but held it back to conserve exploits)

Google Ads:

So with Geohot’s bootrom exploit, SHAtter exploit and comex’s hacks, we can see that future jailbreak for iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will be easy and safe. Also, stay tuned for new PwangeTool version to hit the shelves soon.

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