First iPhone 4 Cydia App SpringFlash

This days we are talking a lot about the upcoming jailbreak for iPhone 4 from comex, now BigBoss has created his first iPhone 4 Cydia app “SpringFlash”, it’s available now in Cydia but you should have a jailbroken iPhone 4!

Here’s the blog post with title “First iPhone4 Only Cydia App”:

Since the jailbreak is due very soon, I have created SpringFlash, the first iPhone 4 only Cydia app. SpringFlash is a springboard activator based LED flashlight for your iPhone 4. In short, you can have a touch of a button for a bright LED flashlight without hassling with unlocking your iPhone, closing your app, or even turning on your screen.

As shown in the quote above, the app is a springboard activator which gives you a bright LED flashlight without hassling with iPhone Unlock, Sure it’s available for free on BigBoss repo whenever the jailbreak is available!
Stay Tuned, we will be covering this jailbreak tool from comex whenever it’s released and available for download

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