FaceTime Mod Doubles The Quality Of Video By Increasing FPS

FaceTime Mod is the first model available for free in Cydia, to further improve the quality of video through FaceTime, FaceTime Mod really amazing tweak that can increase the FPS (Frames Per Seconds) the number of images per second, giving more fluid to the video call, and also higher quality.

Obviously the best results are achieved when you are connected with a WiFi network. FaceTime Mod manages to determine your rate, and automatically adapts the quality and number of frames per second. In addition speaking is more clearly. The default FaceTime from Apple warrants 15 FPS, after install FaceTime mod it will be able to get 30 FPS.

Requirements: Both users have to installed the FaceTime mod to get the 30 FPS. Works on iPhone iOS 4 and iOS 4.x

Default FaceTime FPS:
-Minimum 15
-Maximum 15
FaceTime Mod FPS:
-Minimum 6
-Maximum 30

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If you want to make a video FaceTime via 3G network you must install 3G Unrestrictor or My3G.
FaceTimeMod is available on ModYouri Repo [http://repo.modyouri.com] for Free

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