Express Lane: New Apple Support System to Help Users

Apple has just opened a new section in their site known as “Express Lane”, this section is a new way and helpful support system for all users who own Apple’s devices as Mac, iPods, iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products. To complete the process of “Express Lane”, you have to enter in three stages. The first, “Product Selection”, then “Issue Description”, at last, “Contact Options”.

At the first step select your product type under product categories (i.e. iPod), determine your product (i.e. iPod touch, iPod Shuffle,..), then select the product category, in other words the problem as using the device, or iTunes problem and write your device’s serial number (helpful guide). In the issues description, you will describe exactly what’s your problem and assign it. At last, choose the contact options either by mail, telephone, etc..

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