Dual SIM Adapter Case for iPhone 4 Brings Two SIM Cards in iPhone 4

Ever dreamed having two SIM cards in your iPhone 4 connected at the same time? Well, there’s an accessory for that. The Dual SIM Adapter Case brings the possibility of connecting two SIM cards with the help of a clip connected to the device, and is held with a transparent back cover case.

– One iPhone 3 with 2 SIM Cards (see note below)
– No need to cut your SIM CARD
– STK Menu (see installations below)
– Comes with Crystal case to protect the dual sim card and your iPhone

This accessory is compatible with:
– iPhone 4 (Firmware 4.0.0)
– iPhone 4 (Firmware 4.0.1)
– iPhone 4 (Firmware 4.0.2)

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You’ll not be able to use both of them at the same time. You can switch between them by tapping to Home –> settings –> Phone -> SIM Applications, and select your the required SIM card.

You can buy the Dual SIM Adapter Case for iPhone 4 with a transparent back case for US $28.99 from here. [Engadget, via Redmondpie]

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