Chronic Dev Teams P0sixninja To Demonstrate iPhone 5 Jailbreak At MyGreatFest

Most of you has surely heard about MyGreatFest which is an iPhone-related event that will takes place in London this fall. Craig Fox, the guy behind this idea, has announced that P0sixninja will be demonstrating iPhone 5 jailbreak at his event this fall.

The news comes after we’ve informed you that iPhone 5 will be available in August. So the iPhone 5 jailbreak may be released before the begin on MyGreatFest in Septemer. In other words, the well-famous hacker P0sixninja will demonstarte iPhone 5 jailbreak – if it was released – at MyGreatFest this fall.

It was also announced in a tweet from p0sixninja that iPhone 5 jailbreak is under control. We’ll be back with some more news if needed. Stay near !

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[via RedmondPie]

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