Chrome OS Ported to iPad with Flash Support

A web developer and hacker called Hexxeh, has successfully ported Chromium OS on the iPad, Hexxeh is 17 years old, he is well-known developer and hacker in the Chrome field,  for now we only have one screen-shot for that feat success, the image showing Chromium OS running on iPad. For those who don’t know the Chromium OS, it is the open source version of Chrome OS.

In case you have any doubts about the above image being real and not another Adobe Photoshop trick, you have to now that Hexxeh has been playing around with Chromium OS builds for months. also he developed many builds since Chromium OS source was released, and Google itself acknowledged his work.

Chromium OS is a fast operating system, it’s characterized by supporting HTML5 and Flash. Till now we don’t have any further information, but we expect to catch more details soon. Finally I have to say it worth trying specially if you have jailbroken iPad. [via Gadgedsdna]

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