Apple TV 2G Hacked to Support Wiimote and Bluetooth Keyboard

Remember when jailbroken Apple TV 2G was hacked to run it’s first app, a weather widget? Well, here’s another developer and hacker by the alias Tom Cool has successfully hacked the 2nd Generation Apple TV to support the use of the Nintendo Wiimote.

Image via Flickr

This would allow WiiMote to communicate over Bluetooth to the Apple TV and bring us a pure Wii-style gaming on the Apple TV 2G. Check the video in action:

Also Mathias Ringwald in collaboration with the iPhone developer Optimo and the creator of Cydia, Saurik have successfully ported the bluetooth stack software BTstack from the iPhone to the Apple TV 2. Check this video of the bluetooth keyboard in action:

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Cool, eh? What do you think? How about a hacked Apple TV to support video Airplay? [via TUAW, iClarified]

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