Apple to Invest in Facebook- or Just a Rumor?

Facebook is getting funds by Apple? or it’s just a romor around. Earlier today Mashable posted a news about Facebook that Apple have offered funding to Facebook but it was just denied by some reports was floating on Twitter this morning caught by TheNextWeb.

iTunes 10 featured ping, and we also know that Facebook is also integrated in Ping with the other products, this might also be as aspect of investment rumor. According to Mashable:

Leading the potential round will be Digital Sky Technologies (an existing investor) and Apple. Yes, Apple. The funding is part of a partnership between the two companies that will eventually result in deep Facebook integration into Apple’s suite of products, including Ping, iTunes, iLife and iWork.

This news was just a Rumor till later. But it was confirmed by the Facebook Director of Corporate Communication “Larry Yu”. He tweeted the following:

@Scobleizer — hi. there’s no truth to the rumored “series e” financing round that Mashable wrote about. trying to get them to clarify

Google Ads:
This means that Apple is not going to invest in Facebook till now not for ever! [via TNW]

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