Apple May Offer TV Show Access for $0.99/Month?

It’s just a couple of days ago when we heard a rumor saying that Apple is going to offer $.99 TV show rental. Today, Cult of Mac reporting that Apple may be offering access to all the episodes of a TV Show for $.99/month rather then the previously rumored $.99/episode rental charge.

Instead of renting individual TV shows for $1, customers will pay $1 a month for ALL EPISODES of that show. In other words, fans of CBS’ “Big Bang Theory” can get all episodes of the show as long as they continue to pay the $1-a-month access fee. It would cost $12 to watch the show for the whole year. The tip comes from someone with connections inside Apple.

If you thought about it, it’s much better! To access to the entire show library for an entire year it would cost you $12 ONLY. In the old rumors if you signed up for 10 individual shows, it would cost you $120 to gain access for an entire year.

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When we look closer to the next Apple’s event on September 1st, we can say that Steve may be hiding another event behind it’s musical guitar. In brief, Apple may announce with both Apple’s iTV with ARM Processor and Access to App Store and iPod Touch 4G with front FaceTime camera in this event.
Update 1: You can check the full summary of the Apple Special Event here.

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