Apple Goes After @ceoSteveJobs Twitter Parody Account !

In case you are a Twitter user and Apple fan, you should be following @ceoSteveJobs parody account. The person behind the @ceoSteveJobs Twitter account contacted TechCrunch to let them know that Apple is requesting changes to be made to his Twitter account, citing requirements of a recently-passed California bill that criminalizes certain online impersonations.

The person behind this says that he has received a vaild report claiming that the account is in violation of the Twitter parody policy. This person included parody in his Twitter describtion to prevent further reports but Twitter asked him to add something like “Fake” or “Not” to his username to be in accordance with policy.

@ceoSteveJobs currently have about 270,000 followers (huge, eh?) and it’s the most followed parody account on Twitter. Most of people think he is really is Steve Jobs because they don’t read it’s bio. If the changes are not made, Twitter will remove the account. Why? Let the time judge !

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