A Restaurant Using iPad as a Menu Card with Special Menu App

A restaurant owner in Australia has used iPad instead of Printed menus in Restaurants. He uses iPad as interactive Menus for customers and Yes It’s really funny and impressive/ check it after the break..

If you are traveling to Australia then don’t miss visiting ‘Global Mundo Tapas’ in the North Sydney Rydges Hotel, Where you will be presented by an iPad with special menu app made for the said restaurant.

– Diners can peruse the dishes and see a picture of what the dish looks like along with tasting notes before compiling their order and sending it wirelessly to the kitchen.
– The iPad menu can also suggest the best wines to go with certain dishes and suggest the best food pairings.
– When ordering steak, users can even specify how they’d like the meat cooked and which sauce they’d prefer. It will even ask them if they’d like fries with that.
– Mundo’s iPad menu app can also help keep track of stock levels so if certain dishes and wines sell out they will automatically disappear off the on-screen menu. It will even ask them if they’d like fries with that.

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